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Keep Cool and Go Green

12 Inexpensive and Easy ways to keep home cool during those hot summer days!!


Set your thermostat to 78 during the day.

Keep your body temperature low by wearing cool loose fitting clothing, and drink plenty of water inside. 

Close and lock your windows to avoid air coming in.  Keep your blinds and window treatments closed.

Turn off and unplug any electronic devices.

Use the grill and or microwave when you can. Conventional cooking retains heat in the house.

Wash and dry clothes at night. Keep the heat out and cheaper rates.

Run your dishwasher at night and skip the dry cycle.

Open the bathroom window when showering. Keep the bathroom door closed. Vent heat and humidity outside, rather than back into the house.                

Run your air conditioner fan on low. Especially on high humidity days. The low air volume helps your A/C dehumidify.

Keep heat-producers away from your thermostat. Don't allow appliances or electronic devices convince your thermostat that it's hotter.

Check your refrigerator settings, set it between 37 and 40 degrees and the freezer around 5 degrees.

Close the fireplace damper. Don't send cool air up the chimney.


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